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Building a website and making it work for you is not the Field of Dreams. If you want to succeed with a website, people have to be able to find you. This is done in several ways, but most importantly through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

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Koen was previously the managing editor and eventual editor of „Houston Home & Garden”. She also was the managing editor of the feature magazine for the University of Houston and Director of editorial services at the university. If you are on the fence about or any other editorial services website then you need to research more. Koen has also written for „Energy Pipelines”, „Systems Magazine”, and the „Houston Business Journal”. Koen has done a variety of freelance work with various organizations as well. Koen resides in Houston, Texas.

>Your target market. Clearly define your target market. This will help you decide which advertising and promotion strategies would be more appropriate to draw in your prospective clients/customers.

Other people in MFA programs have practical goals in addition to artistic ones. They might want an MFA in writing because they want to teach at the college level or enhance their high school teaching credentials. They might view the MFA program as a way to build important contacts in the literary community, contacts which will help them land a job in publishing or find an agent.

>Be sociable. Of course, you need to interact with other people; otherwise, you cannot do business with them. But besides that and more so, you need to socialize with other people and learn from them. Exchange tips with them. Learn from their mistakes and be inspired by their triumphs.

Basically, you have to edit the entire thesis manuscript. However, you can ask your client once in a while for the editing process. It might sound extra work for your client, who is paying you to do the job anyway. However, it will find out here now together with your educational achievement will come very soon give your client a favor of familiarizing with the editing process. After all, you will not accompany him during the defense to explain how you have edited the manuscript. Explain this to your client, and he will surely thank you later.

Another pet peeve I have is when I return the newly edited 500-page manuscript with red marks on every page and they ask – You mean, I have to rewrite all of this? What? Were they actually expecting me to deliver a perfectly finished and polished manuscript? That’s not what an editor does.

To make the headings stand out I print them in bold. Bold headings allow an editor to skim the manuscript and see its structure. The one thing I want to avoid is a crowded-looking manuscript, which is a turn-off for the editor. Dense type also slows reading speed. Sometimes I start a chapter half-way down the page, with white space above, and this really looks nice.

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